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Country coordinators


Country coordinators are respected leaders in education that facilitate ProLEER’s work within and among their respective countries. Among other tasks they: co-invite participants to the anual meeting at Harvard; develop and articulate an in-country agenda in coordination with participants from their country; convene meetings and events; facilitate exchange of knowledge and collaborations between and among members of the national and international ProLEER network; and act as a spokesperson for ProLEER within their respective countries. 




Andrea Rolla. Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard University and an advisor to the Un Buen Comienzo project in Chile


Nathalia Mesa, Executive Director of aeioTU-Fundacion Carulla.

Costa Rica

Gilberto Alfaro, State Professor, Doctoral Studies, Universidad de Costa Rica.


Silvia Romero, Professor, Graduate School of Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in Mexico.


Kees Broekhof, Senior Project Coordinator at Sardes Educational Services, in the Netherlands.


Armida Lizárraga de Perú, Educational researcher.